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           Challenging Feminists on Gender Issues

NCFM-DC, along with many other men's and fair-minded women's organizations, is actively challenging the many half-truths, distortions and outright lies being told by N.O.W. and other radical feminist organizations.  These many misrepresentations about issues like domestic violence, sexual harassment, violence against women, the "wage gap", and other anti-male propaganda can be described only as prejudice, as shameless and cruel as racial discrimination or discrimination against women, and we will no longer ignore it nor tolerate it. 

Click on topics below to learn about the issues on which we are challenging NOW and other radical feminist organizations.

Women:  Myths and Reality

The average person tends to believe many myths about women which are simply untrue.  For example, most men tend to believe that women are not violent, are always better than men at nurturing children, are morally superior to men, and are not sexist.  Unfortunately, this utopian view of women does not come even close to how women in society actually are.  Like men, women can be vicious, dangerous, and immoral.  Why does this matter?  It matters because many things -- our legal system, the feminist belief system, marital law, and affirmative action hiring practices -- are based on the premise that women are morally superior to men.  To see some examples that disprove the many myths about women and that illustrate how these myths are both unfair and harmful to men, refer to our Myth of Female Innocence page.  


The feminist belief-system in the US currently advocates policies that benefit women at the expense of men, divides the sexes politically, and creates animosity between men and women.  Much of feminism is based on the false claim that women are "sugar and spice and everything nice" and are innocent victims, while men are hostile, abusive, sexist pigs.  This sexist and inaccurate view of the world is spread largely by the US media's biased and one-sided selective reporting of stories that portray men behaving badly and women being victimized by men.  

This feminist theory falls apart when one recognizes the obvious -- there are both good and bad members of both sexes.  Yet, since the feminist falsehood that women are innocent and harmless is so pervasive, it is sometimes difficult to see this truth.  For that reason, we have compiled a number of true stories about women behaving badly and listed them on our Myth of Female Innocence page for your personal "consciousness raising"  

Read this Open Letter to Feminists to learn more about how today's feminism harms men.

Read The Feminists Are Winning to learn about many of the problems and injustices that men face due to feminist elements of society. 

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is "The Mother of All Gender Prejudices" -- that men are violent and women are not.  Conventional wisdom "knows" that Domestic Violence - "DV" - is "men beating up women".  DV, everyone "knows", is a social problem caused "95%" by men, where women are almost always victims.  This view is provably wrong.

Scores of studies performed by both male and female researchers, made over the past 20 years throughout the Western world have exhaustively shown that the "male abuser / female victim" model is completely incorrect.  In fact, it has been found repeatedly that women initiate as much, and sometimes more domestic violence as men.  

In fact, DV actually affects men as much as women, but men rarely have shelters or other victims assistance because radical feminists have been so successful over the past 20 or 30 years convincing the public and government officials that the "common knowledge that 95% of domestic violence is caused by men is sufficient to pass draconian laws to protect women from men.  (The federal Violence Against Women Act is the essential case in point.  

Until the media and decision-makers recognize this, there will be no support for male victims of DV and prejudiced anti-male DV laws will continue to plague men.  [In summarizing scores of DV studies located by men's rights author Warren Farrell in his book Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, "Women and men batter each other about equally, or women batter men more.  In addition, almost all studies found women were more likely to initiate violence and much more likely to inflict the severe violence ... that was not reciprocated."]   

Divorce and Child Support

Divorce unfortunately affects many men in America.  It is common knowledge that divorce is a very emotionally trying experience.  However, it is less commonly known that the financial ramifications of divorce affect men and women differently partly due to the fact that the government effectively subsidizes women, and only women, going through divorce.  Read our Divorce FAQ to learn more about this sexist discrimination against men undergoing divorce.  


Based on what the media portrays, one would assume that all men live long, healthy lives, while women are keeling over by the millions due to breast cancer.  However, men actually have a shorter lifespan than women, on average.  And, men are more likely than women to succumb to diseases such as cancer and heart disease.  Ironically, women's health issues receive more media attention and more government funding than men' health issues.  See our Health page for more information on the subject of men's health.   

The Draft

Information coming soon!  Check back for updates!


Information coming soon!  Check back for updates!

Political Correctness

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Affirmative Action

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Title IX (School Sports)

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