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Welcome to the NCFM-DC web site

Our Vision Statement:

The National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) is a nationwide nonprofit organization that encourages the participation of the public in addressing issues of discrimination that specifically affect men and boys. Both men and women are discriminated against based on their sex, but anti-male discrimination is largely ignored by government, academia, and the media.

Men are routinely discriminated against in family court, criminal sentencing, the draft, prostate cancer and health funding, outreach and shelter services, and more. NCFM-DC works with the public in a non-partisan manner to address male-related issues.


What do almost all of the Faces of the Fallen have in common?  
Click picture to find answer

(From www.washingtonpost.com)

The Kobe Bryant Case and The Politics of Rape

Unfair Rape Laws = 
Sex Discrimination

After 30 Years of Feminist Lies and Distortions about Rape, Can Kobe Bryant Get a Fair Trial?

Before any jury is allowed to pass judgment on Kobe Bryant and decide the validity of 19-year old Katelyn Faber's accusation of rape, they should be required to read a chapter from Warren Farrell's book The Myth of Male Power,  "The Politics of Rape".  

Instead of simply accepting feminist propaganda about rape and "power", the jury -- and the American public -- need to become more aware of how accusations of rape are being used to deprive men of their rights to a fair trial, and how women often use false allegations of rape for their own purposes.

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The law offers no defense against sexual terrorism

The Rape Witch Hunt: Kobe, Doug, Tucker and the Much Maligned American Male.

False Charges Hurt Real Victims

Media Should Identify Rape Victims

Prostitutes told to 'fake rape claims'


Free Wil Hetherington!

Victim of False Accusations

Wil & Daughter Michelle
Photo taken 15 years ago!


  the Other Side
of Sex Discrimination."

To Quote a Woman

Full story here.

"The whole justice system is institutionally biased against men and marriage. It is driven by an extreme feminist agenda, which stretches from the humblest family lawyer through the politically correct Law Commission to reach all the way up to government and the senior reaches of the judiciary."

Thank God for Melanie Phillips! 

Here's a woman with common sense and courage, writing in London's Daily Mail. Her latest article explains why fathers in England are staging disruptive protests.  They've had enough of 
Loaded Justice.

Inside A 'Batterers Program' for 'Abused' Women

"... the widely accepted idea that girls’ self- esteem disappears as they enter adolescence, a stubborn feminist fiction that has tainted education policy and cost taxpayers millions, is on its way out.

Kay Hymowitz challenges the feminist- created myth fiction that "our culture silences girls" in her article

The Weaker Sex?

"Deadbeat Dads"?  
No, more like "Beat Dead Dads"

So you think you know all about "Deadbeat Dads", those "schmucks who'd rather drive a sports car than support their kids"?

What could be more decent and noble than supporting government programs that provide for society's most innocent and dependent -- children and their "downtrodden" mothers --  and protect them from mean, selfish fathers who abandon their families?  If you are like millions of other supposedly "enlightened citizens" who feel that our governments' relentless pursuit of "Deadbeat Dads" is a noble and worthy cause, then you are unwittingly supporting a corrupt system of bigotry, prejudice and terrible injustice.

Mostly, that's because today's government and media haven't been honest enough to tell the other side of the story -- the men's side.

There are honorable exceptions, though.  Read Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise's expose of how family courts and the child support enforcement systems in Canada are abusing men ... and driving many to suicide.

See what is being done in your name in the pursuit of "justice"! 

In his suicide note, Jim, the father of four children, protests that "not all fathers are deadbeats". Jim hanged himself because he couldn’t see any alternative.

Not Your Father's Double Standard
For as long as we can remember, women have complained about societal and cultural double standards that work against women, to the favor of men.  Feminists have honed this social complaining to new heights of shrillness and absurdity, but have ignored double standards that work against men.  Many of these double standards have been created by radical feminists, in their pursuit of - Ha! - "gender equality".
  Bonus! Second list of double standards, courtesy of AskMen.com.

One Man's Story
"Civil Disobedience" - Divorced father Dale S. Johnson writes about his experience being stripped of his children by an unresponsive family court.  "Though I had been warned, I still believed society valued fathers beyond that of mere financial support through the mother." 

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The National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) is indeed a non-profit organization and we rely solely on generous donations to keep the website and our cause alive. It's important that we get support where it is needed most such as attorneys, health professionals, government organizations, professors, and even media outlets. We kindly take donations from all types of organizations. If you would like to donate today please visit our donation page We would like to give a special thanks to The University of Virginia, News Media Corporation, The Huffington Post, The Clark Law Office, and The New York Times for their contributions. Without your help, our coalition would not be possible.

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